Licensing and commercial support

We have a commercial offering for those who need it. This includes support, a server suitable for handling thousands of users, storage in the cloud and also an improved client.


We offer training of users and administrators, as well as liability for handling data. In the worst scenario we can also send out engineers to help at location.

Enterprise server

The enterprise server contains additional features beyond the free server (included with the free client). For example:
  • Fine-grained access policies
  • Other authentication modes, like LDAP, or PGP key
  • Enterprise data storage, with backup integration
  • Third-party signing, for further improved patent protection
  • SQL database integration
  • Logging of activities

Improved client

The improved client includes features we could not include in the free client (i.e. features bundled from other commercial vendors). This includes for example more importable file formats, and premium curated data sources.

Customization and integration

We are always interested in making our software better. Do you have equipment or other software you would like to integrate your software with? Let us know and we'll see what we can do.