Labstory is a state-of-the-art Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). We offer several advantages over competing systems:

  • Native clients exist for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android (more platforms can be supported). It is also possible to run it from a webpage - No matter how heterogenous your environment is, we can support it
  • Designed through-out to make full use of tablets. Bring your ELN/LIMS to the lab, where you actually work. Make notes at conferences and meetings and share with the rest of your group
  • Strong cryptography and security. The system is built to protect from fraudulous users, administrators, hackers and even malicious modified versions of the software
  • Good tracking, covering your needs for patentability
  • Our ELN/LIMS is the only distributed system on the market. It allows you to work even when your server is down, or when you cannot reach it (e.g. labs with thick walls)
  • The basic version is free and fully functional. Thus you can share your documents with anyone in the world, and bring your documents with you from your lab once you move on. Get started today!

Document features

  • Full support for multimedia - record movies and sound with your phone
  • Take pictures with your mobile camera and insert them
  • Annotate your pictures, scribble notes, draw your ideas. Perfect for mobile devices having pens, such as the Galaxy Note

Database features

  • Strong connectivity between documents and database - if an entry is added or deleted, you can track it to the relevant experiment
  • Relational database, automatic merges and hierarchial views. It has never before been this simple to build a proper database fulfilling good practice (impossible with Filemaker, hard with MS Access).
  • Can integrate with any existing SQL-database to cross-reference other data you may have
  • Likewise, simple export of data from Labstory to the SQL database
  • Handles light-weight uses, perfect for personal book keeping, yet scales like a full SQL database

Enterprise features

More features required to run Labstory organization wide are available in our offering for enterprises.

Comparison with other software

Still not convinced? See how we compare to others.