Comparison with other software

Labstory is the most advanced documentation and database software on the market. We are not ashamed of highlighting this by comparing with the other leading packages on the market

Labstory I O L F A
Personal cryptographic keys Yes No    No No No No
Tablet version Yes No No Very limited6 No No
Documentation support Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Database support Yes No Yes Very limited7 Yes Yes
Rich multimedia (movies, sound) Yes No No Yes No No
Easily share with other universities Yes No Possible1 Possible1 Yes Possible4
Open Access features Yes No No No No No
Supports all operating systems Yes No Limited web-based5 Web-based No No
Data visualization and analysis Yes No Yes No No No
Integration for bioinformatics R, Java, SQL, + No No No SQL-access3 SQL-access
Works off-line Yes No No No No1 No1
Cloud solution Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Local "rich" client Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Stand-alone server Yes Yes Yes No Yes3 Yes4

1Other end need a license to access data
2If set up for as a server for multiple users, network access is required
3Requires the server version
4 Must be set up to use an SQL-server. The access permissions will be controlled by the SQL server. Since SQL-servers are usually not considered "web-secure", there might be risks involved in opening up the SQL server to the Internet. The file with the front-end must be distributed separately.
5Despite being web-based, Word is listed as a requirement. Thus Linux is not supported
6The tablet version can for example not edit documents. It is only a complement to the web version
7Only predefined tables supported, with extra columns. Limited cross-referencing. Not a general solution