We are a company on a mission - to take documentation to the next level, and explore what is possible using the latest technology. Labstory was grown out of frustration with existing systems and, being documentation geeks, we decided to make a better one. Our vision is to transform the way we do documentation and adapt it to modern needs and circumstances. While at it we also want to solve some of our own pet problems, and create a documentation system we can ourselves when we do our research. We are firm believers in Open Access and have also prepared Labstory for a future where can make references all the way down to the original documents. By allowing friction-free sharing and editing of documents, we believe we can free the information from it's shackles and maximize it's value. To do this we have come up with a business model that does not interfere with our ideals. We think documentation should be fun and we have decided to lead the way into the future.


Labstory is owned and sold by Ecobima AB, a family company that has existed now for over 30 years. Ecobima AB is a private limited liability company ("Aktiebolag"), residing in Sweden but operating world-wide. It was originally selling components for the fiberweb industry but the IP was sold and has since changed focus to providing services for IT and Life Science research.